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As a product/UX designer by trade, it's important to me that BlakBit's core value be grounded in usefulness. A t-shirt cannot be useful if it wasn't given consideration to be worn every day. Everyday wearability is a function of its comfort, stamina, and it's resistance to induce visual & fashion fatigue.

Why it Sucked Making a Blacked Out Shirt

4 months, 5 test runs, 20 throwaways and 2 custom inks later...When the purpose of all other shirts is to draw attention, we had to blend new inks to achieve this level of subtlety. A black shirt that's more interesting than plain, but quiet enough to pick up any day of the week. The perfect water-based colors that moves and breaths with the shirt, lasts long, and gets softer over time.

why it sucked to make a black shirt

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