About Blakbits

It started as an inside joke at work.

Almost everyday, our design team would have a meeting, we would almost always be wearing black shirts.

After a few months of this, my product thinking kicked in and I started asking the "why". Why do we all wear black shirts so frequently? And just as importantly, why do we wear PLAIN black shirts?

Of course I had my own personal answers, but I wanted to know other peoples motivations. Turns out most peoples reasons are pretty similar:

  • Black is timeless, you never get tired of it
  • Black is conveniently thoughtless because it goes with everything
  • Graphic t-shirts have a propensity to be trendy, so it'll eventually end up at the bottom of your drawer or the far corner of your closet as your tastes change
  • Most of us didn't like to represent brand logos. The few printed shirts we wear, we do so because we feel like it means something... an experience, a cause, an interest.

So I'm starting Blakbits as an experiment.

Minimal black t-shirts with quiet designs, made specifically for the people that (in my humble opinion), wear black best. Designers, creatives, engineers, artisans, and other passionate people that dedicate themselves to a craft.

It's for people that don't go around bragging about what they do, but pursue their craft quietly because they've been put on this earth to do so. Not because they want praise, but for the sake of craft itself.

My hope is that the mission and execution of Blakbits appeals to people, and that it will give me an opportunity to not only create more designs representing more sub-cultures of passions, but also to share those stories with you to help you in your own journey.

 - Noah