12 Columns

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The 12 column grid. In the way the Golden Ratio guides proportions in the universe, the 12 column grid guides the basic structure to digital product design. This one is obviously close to me, since I've spent the last *mumblesbignumber* years dedicated to making a living under the quiet eye of the 12 column grid.

The 12 Columns grid shirt was designed by, and for, product and UX/UI designers. The design itself is a two tone black on black with an abstract "12" laid out (in true left-column layout web form) on top of a ever so subtlety visible 12 columns.

Like all our shirts, the trademark BlakBits heart on the sleeve placed on the left.

Cotton poly blend that provides a vintage, comfortable and resilient fit that resists shrinking and stretching over time. Inks are a custom blend of water based inks specifically for this shirt to barely appear, but show enough to represent the craft and for other product designers to recognize.

With every wear and wash, the shirt only gets softer and more comfortable.

Now, get back to work. I can see all the misaligned stuff on your screen from here...